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"I bought, had to do something with it."

 An artist trying to make a living, father trying to raise a daughter, boyfriend trying to build a future, friend trying to make a connection. This blog is documentation of a dialogue with time. Welcome to the conversation! 

I am an early millennial that just spelled “millennial” wrong before I was corrected by my digital typing machine. Then my adult ADD kicked in and I started fixating on my generational identity when I am supposed to be writing the “About Me” section for my new blog. I figured now that people aren’t reading blogs as much and are moving to podcasts and vlogs, it would be the perfect time to start my new blog. A lot of people born in the early to mid-80s have trouble accepting that they are part of this millennial generation because of the vast cultural differences between a 23-year-old today and a 38-year-old. I had a Talkboy, BUT I also know what “woke” means, I think. I remember when rollerblades were invented AND a robot vacuums my floor. I beat Mario Bros. using a controller with two buttons AND my other car is an Octane ZSR with Forge II Holographic Wheels and black halo (Rocket League). 

I am a Houston artist. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from the University of Houston and am expected to graduate in December 2019 with a Master’s of Business Administration. Painting is often a meditative experience where I am searching for something, asking questions, reflecting over my experiences, and so on. Rather than an inquisitive exploration into the mysteries of the spirit of man, I want this blog to be my voice of intention. I want it to represent my logical and philosophical process of approaching reality; and dealing with it. I want it to be my letters to Theo. I want it to be my Anne Frank Diary. I want it to be my Calvin and Hobbes?, my Highlights magazine?, my Ikea instructions manual? What am I even talking about? 

Nobody actually reads the "About Me" section anyways. Don't feel bad if you did though, that just means you care. Caring is one of the most underappreciated values in my opinion. If you don't agree, look at all that has been accomplished by people who just pretend to care! So if you've gotten this far, the last sentence, congratulations for being one of the last of a dying breed of people with a beating heart.

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